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Family Genealogy

Our goal is to compile as much
family history as possible. In addition
to searching for our ancestors we are
interested in family stories or tales about
our family and its' members.

If you know of a tale about any of our family
please email the story to us.

If you find any errors please let me know.
mail to: email@4grovers.com



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In Loving Memory

Editha G. Aldrich



* * * * NOTICE: Printing the files within by non-commercial individuals and libraries is encouraged, as long as all notices and submitter information is included. Any other use, including copying files to other sites requires permission from the submitters PRIOR to uploading to any other sites. We encourage links to the state and county table of contents. 

* * * * 4Grovers.com makes no claims or estimates of the validity of the information submitted and reminds you that each new piece of information must be researched and proved or disproved by weight of evidence. It is always best to consult the original material for verification.



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